About TUFF

Established in 2009, CrossFit TUFF is a strength and conditioning facility located at 14 B Broad St, Suite F, Nashua, New Hampshire. Easily accessible from all points Nashua, Hudson or Hollis, we are conveniently located less than half a mile from Rte 3 Everett Turnpike.

At TUFF, we specialize in getting you results, no matter what your current fitness level. No gimmicks, no flashy juice bars, no high-pressure sales… just good ol’ fashion hard work.
Using body-weight movements, traditional and non-traditional implements for strength training, and an arsenal of high-intensity conditioning workouts, you will experience a whole new world of fitness. TUFF will not only help you develop physically but also educate you on what being “fit” really is.


We are more than “just a gym,” we are individuals, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, children, grandparents, students, professionals, and athletes… we are a family…


Together we support and push each other to accomplish personal goals and records, constantly striving towards a balanced, functional and efficient lifestyle.


“New school knowledge, old-school attitude.”